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The journey of Lustre Infra Pvt. Ltd has begun in the year 2017 with a team of people specialized in different type of properties, and since its inception we have always strived for the best.
We provide relocation counseling, personal advice plus market expertise and bank funding.

We are a 2 years old company dealing in the real estate business & Our area of focus is Patna. We are not the oldest in the business but one of the most trusted brands in the city.

We also provide free consultancy to the individual interested in buying or selling property. As Patna and its periphery offers very good quality of life and great investment opportunities, our expertise in the field will certainly be of help.

Our primary business is the development of residential and commercial projects that consists of modern standards. They give consistent high performance and a strong commitment to maintain quality standards and customer service.

Commitment to quality & class 

Committed towards a better tomorrow Lustre Infra has been setting benchmarks across industry by creating spaces for all walks of life and has established itself as industry leader in just 2 years

Lustre Infra was founded in 2017 with a vision to provide the best quality real estate avenues not just in terms of construction quality but extending ourselves to finest attention to detail at every step right from procuring land to the possession of the products


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Passionate Commitment

We have an unwavering commitment to quality construction. We don’t just build new homes; we build trust, relationships and peace of mind. We are both knowledgeable and passionate about every aspect of what we do and we do all we can to communicate that knowledge and passion to homebuyers


Timely Completion

Meeting deadlines is a challenge we take on willingly! It’s exactly why we deem it a major commitment to complete our each projects on schedule



Our relationship with you begins the first time you walk through our doors. From that time forward, our family takes care of your family—so you’re confident in your choice of a homebuilder, secure in your investment and completely delighted with your home. It’s our philosophy. It’s the way we do business


Impeccable Quality

Lokankara gives you a lasting impression of quality. But our quality goes much deeper. Each home we build goes through a series of quality inspections by our subcontractors and our project managers until it is finally given the stamp of approval


Lustre Indradeep Mansion

Rukanpura, Patna

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606, Grand Plaza, Frazer Road


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